Local entrepreneur, tennis coach, wedding photographer and world traveler Jeffrey Smallwood is thrilled to announce the launch of his latest venture, Restless Brand clothing company. With its vibrant designs and can’t-be-missed logo, the apparel line, which currently includes t-shirts, with more styles and options set to debut in the fall, was designed to help inspire people — and to make them smile.

“I designed Restless to help inspire people to seek out the entrepreneurial spirit inside them. We all have it. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time up at night thinking about the next thing they’re going to do or create. That’s the inspiration,” says Smallwood of his brand. “You have to listen to that voice inside you and figure out how to get it out to the world. That’s the message behind Restless. Take a chance on life and don’t stop!”

Throughout his worldly travels, Smallwood began to notice how people are caught up in their own worlds and don’t necessarily connect with one another as they go about their day. But a slogan on a t-shirt or an eye-catching logo, such as his own featuring a smile with Xs for eyes, can stop people in their tracks and serve as a conversation starter. With his brand, he wants to bring a smile to people’s faces. He also created the brand as a legacy that he can pass down to his daughter while she’s young — and become something that she can continue to build as she gets older.

Restless t-shirts are made with style and comfort in mind. Featuring a myriad of styles and colors, including classic black and white combinations as well as Black and Army Fatigue, “Merica” with flag detail, Silver Crystal Wash Tie Dye, White with Flower Print logo and more, for $34.00 each, Restless is set to launch a winter collection this fall. This line will include sweatpants and shorts, long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and more.